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(Jun 28, 2022)
We are 1 years old- AS of 14/6/22 we turned one year old. Yayyyy ;D Grats all in Civitas :D
(Apr 25, 2022)
Great job! 2/11 Normal SoFo. Not bad after just a few raid nights thus far. Yayyyy go guild/Comm. Woohoo! :D Sooo proud of all of us!
(Mar 03, 2022)
As promised but super delayed, I wrote a more detailed introduction to Elvwyr the chicken and Lady uh girl uh woman, person :)
(Jan 08, 2022)
Excellent learning in our rated bgs this past week. /salute Officer Sprucee leading us Yay :D
(Jan 05, 2022)
Hear hear yes- Excellent learning and execution :) You rock Officers Lifewind and Dani /salute
(Jan 04, 2022)
Great M+ Sanguine Depths run today everyone. That was a smooth run by any standards :)
(Dec 30, 2021)
Pandaroach, that was an (goes into a new mode) TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS RBG night of utter Epicness! You are the Space Pandanaut riding the RBG Rocket to Thrillsville City! Totes bodacious, bruh!!!???!!!
(Dec 28, 2021)
Excellent posts by our officers. Well done crew! Please keep it up! Super useful. You rock :D woohooo
(Dec 28, 2021)
Yayyyyy Welcome Skinemall, Honeybee, Archive and Asharan to our guild website. YayyyY! :D
(Dec 23, 2021)
Welcome Scothar, Deecacus the Panda and Sunnie to our website! Yayyyy Bwaccckkkkkkk Chickens awayyyyyyyyy!
(Dec 22, 2021)
welcome Deecacus and Sunnie to our guild's website :D wooohooo Bwacccckkkkkk!
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