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Civitas- 1st birthday & Mythics/Raid Milestones

Huzzah! Congrats Civitas and Civ: being nice to all. On 14th June , 2022, we turned 1 full year :) We are honoured and blessed to have all of you as part of our guild and community family. Our events were so much fun- Guild "trial of style", playing with toys, informal duels and the epic Treasure hunt with epic prizes were fab! Thank you Co-GL Apocalypse for writing talents for this chicken who helped with the most obscure locations and puzzles. hee heee. We also had tons of in game food- Mostly Pandaren feasts.

And yay what wonderful progress we have made:

1) Mythics+ : Hats off to Frost and Dani our M+ Leaders- We have run masterclasses where we study the way to cc/interrupt. Grats to Moon, on KSM this season. Guild is now regularly running 10-13 and newer M+ raiders have ventured into 4-8s regularly.

2) SoFo Reg Raid: Hats off to Moon and Dani, our Raid Leaders- We started in the beginning of April and now we are 8/11 with Anduin down after a month of raiding once a week mostly. We also started a 2nd raid night. We have introduced so many to raiding and helped many others including your GLs and many officers return to raiding. Excellent progress and skills
- Despite our "young" experience, we are now one-shotting most of these first 7 bosses. And many more experienced raiders have joined our ranks in the community.

3) PvP: Many of our pvp players, including officers have attained Challenger 1 and 2 this season :D

4) Membership: Our guild has grown steadily and our community has really exploded in membership too. Yet, we keep our core values and many guests/visitors to our raids and events comment on the fun, non-toxicity and teamwork that keeps them coming back, joining our community and often now making toons for our realms or transferring them to our realm in order to join our guild.

5) Personal Relations: In general, we have wonderful harmony here and because of this, we are a sanctuary for us all :D When misunderstandings arise, everyone involved works to resolve them as best we can with empathy, kindness and Civility :)

So /salute every single member of Civitas Guild and Civility: Being nice to all. I'm one very happy and proud Mother hen. Here's to many more years. Woohoo Bwaackkkkk!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! And thank you to everyone that made the birthday celebrations such fun :)

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