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Welcome to our newest Guildies and Officer

1) Warmest welcome to our newest Guildies: Tenebrist, Pulpo, Unis, Gnommad & Hyxiblade. :D We are honoured and blessed that you choose to journey with us and call us home. Nice that in various ways- we have found you, you found us, we started chatting with you and you brought your family and friends to play with us all :D /cheer and /dance

2) Officer Solar (Undead) joins us to lead Raids with Scothar (Dani). We can't wait for Friday evening 7 pm :D /salute

PVE Officers:

Raiding: Solar (Undead)
Raiding & Mythics +: Scothar
Mythics +:Lifewind/Sweetness

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Some awesome new friends and officers we have here! Fantastic stuff. You guys rock!
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