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#14971676 Jul 05, 2022 at 09:08 AM
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Hahah you all know me as the ridiculously silly chicken GL so I wanted to share some fun blooper moments with you all. Please feel free to add your moments too:

1) The snail Takes the cake: In the smack the snails with the Ketchum collection stone/table for Meta Achievements of Old raids for mounts, every other member in our raid smacked the snails pretty instantly, but here I was, epic chicken fail, scampering after them, being stunned taking about 2 minutes lol before i finally got one :D Having the rest rolling on the floor with my inept balletic- NOT- endeavours encased in feathers :D

2) Going into our + 9 Necrotic wake, starting it and wondering what was going on with my even worse DPS than usual (Lol) and all that could be seen was "Elvwyr begs Corpseharvest". "Elv applauds Corpseharvester", "Elv curtseys to Corpseharvester", "Elv kneels at the feet of Corpseharvester", "Elv grovels at Corpseharvester." Hahhah that's what I get from not changing my key bindings. Thankfully Frost said "Uh Jess I think you forgot to unbind your macros from last night". So yes, classic chicken moments.

3) It's entertaining just to listen to me also just using unintended innuendos and then digging myself deeper and deeper :) Commenting on how much I love being yoinked place to place by Panda's "leap of faith" ability anyone? I love being "jerked about" hahaha argghhh Love it really that there is so much innuendo in our fine game and I spout them all /facepalm :)

So come on all, share your WoW bloopers and I will add more.
Bwaccckkkkk Look out the sky is falling Bwacckkkkkkk chickens ahoyyyy!
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