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#14938456 Feb 15, 2022 at 09:21 AM
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Hi all! I thought this might be helpful for some of us as we are starting to encounter the affixes more and more as we hit higher keys. It will be a short post but I will expand it later.

The first affix
begins for keys at level 2+ and cycles between Fortified and Tyrannical. These two affixes are:
Fortified: Makes trash more difficult - 20%+ health/ 30%+ damage
Tyrannical: Makes bosses more difficult - 30%+ health/ 15%+ damage inc. minions

The second affix
begins for keys at level 4+ and cycles between:
Spiteful - fiends rise from non-boss corpses and chase players
Bursting - non-boss enemies explode on death doing damage for 4 secs that stacks
Sanguine - non-boss mobs leave a pool of ichor on death that heals their allies and damages players
Bolstering - when a non-boss mob dies, it's cry boosts its nearby allies by +15% health and +20% damage
Raging - non-boss mobs enrage at 30% health doing 50% extra damage
Inspiring - some non-boss mobs inspire nearby allies, boosting them

The third affix
begins for keys at level 7+ and cycles between:
Storming - enemies sometimes summon damaging whirlwinds
Explosive - mobs summon explosive orbs in combat that need to be destroyed before they detonate
Volcanic - fire erupts under the feet of distant players, doing 20% health damage and throwing you into the air
Necrotic - enemy melee attacks do DoT damage and reduce healing - and it stacks
Quaking - causes an earthquake around each player after 2.5 sec that does 40% health damage to nearby players - spread out!
Grievous - injured players suffer extra damage every 3 secs that stacks until healed

Each season has a fourth affix, applied to keys +10 or higher.
The seasonal affix for season 2 is:
Tormented - each dungeon contains 4 lieutenant mobs. These drop an anima power when killed. For any that are not killed, the final boss becomes harder - and of course this stacks.

I hope that helps :)


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#14943159 Mar 09, 2022 at 03:04 AM
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A bit late, but this is awesome, helpful and very succinct and still counts for this season of Mythics :D You rock, sir /salute Co-GL buddy :D

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